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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toronto FanExpo 2010

apologies to everyone for the lack of posts as of late. i have been wicked busy in my new role as LiL PoPz, lol. being a dad is the most awesome of awesome, the time just flies by most of the time. except for the teething nights... those seem to drag for a bit. but i am proud to say i have pulled together my most recent works and printed out a book - sketchez n worx 2010. it's a buffet of different things i've been working on in the past year. some comic pages, some life sketches, some finished pieces and other experiments i've been trying out in photoshop. here are a few samples of what you'll see in the book.

MAD thanks to Perry, Jody, Crystal, Alan, Sydney, Taffy and Bobby for a wicked time at FanExpo 2010! And thank you to all those that came by and showed love

stay tuned - more to come soon