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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Untitled

characters for a short film



Grover in love

my fav Sesame Street character - your furry lovable Grover


something i drew for Crystal

The Flash

fully done with no lines in flash - lol, i made Flash using flash...

GonZ in Chaotic

Me as a Chaotic character. one of the contests we had at Huminah Huminah Studio


merry xmas

Daisy Duke?


Cafe sketches

sitting at the mall, taking up an entire table with my markers, and enjoying a hot chocolate. call me what you want but it was bloody fun!!

Jungle Scape


growing far past the 100 Smurf population, Papa Smurf decides to create a Smurfopolis to appease his fellow Smurfs. little does he know that Bush has discovered the "Smurf to gold" spell, and is planning an immenent strike.


under the watchful gaze of the Thundercats lair, Panthro senses something is not right in the forests of Third Earth


a rage infected - based on 28 days later... not from 28 weeks later, which sucked (i'm sorry, face up to it, it sucked)

Kahlua the Calf

turnaround and designs and size comparison for Kahlua.

Confident the Wolf

some designs and turnarounds for Confident.